we all die alone…

you know what?

my sist just said to me, that my father disagreed with my decision to pursue master degree, because he’s so afraid that I will marry old.

I said, I don’t care.

I am worth enough and I don’t have to be afraid that I may not get married because of my visions and dreams.

because, my friend –Rully said, we all die alone.

if we, counting on our happiness to others… what would we be if s/he was gone? will our happiness gone with her/ him?

then I saw myself now. I don’t have any boyfriend, and yes… sometimes I do miss those sweet moments. treated romantically. feel missed by someone. that zazazu in my stomach. that literally laugh.

but, then I realized that everything has it’s own price tag.

I may not have romantic things as other people may have… but I am happy with my life. happy with my ambition. happy with my competition. happy with my friends.

so then I found out that the most important thing in our life is to pursue anything we want best and be happy with it.