yeah, maybe i’m having a PMS attack.. it just that today something bug me so hard.

something that i already know.. something that i already expect from mid-year in reverse.

it’s good to know that best friend will always cheered you up when shit happens.

one’s action lead to other’s destiny… that’s called the puzzles of life. that’s why luck happens. that’s also why shit happens. (stephanie)

I say:

and i kept asking the same question to myself

I say:

for the 999 times

I say:

will i trade that manager thing with marketing position?

jane doe says:


I say:

last 3 months: 10% yes, 90% no

jane doe says:

Don’t!!! All you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering how it will feel to be in mktg

I say:

today: 49% yes, 51% no… the 39% increase vs pp is because i just realized the pain it cause for not getting it…

jane doe says:

Now, you just need to work on your path to become a manager

I say:

but the 1% stands still due to i’m so damn affraid that 3 years from now, i will look back onto my life and regreting the fact that i have trade my dream to money or position…

I say:

and it was the most pain i cannot bear…

I say:

so, i guess.. all i gotta do is just “growing up” and understand that when you get some, you’ll lose some…


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