2009 is not so bad ;)

yeah.. even though closed with quite an aching moments.. but after giving a long thought, i personally think 2009 is better than 2008! i don’t even remember what’s my achievement is in 2008, but i am gonna make 2009’s memorized.

Actually I have pass this new year’s eve with sad feeling, because I feel like a losser. when i remember my MAP score, the pain still there. the bruise is still real. but, getting conscious 2 days after new year, I know I’m not losser. I have work so hard and went so far this year, and I’m gonna remember this.

okay, in the beginning of the year i remember i wrote several resolutions:

lose my weight –> okay, this did not worked out. even though i gained 1 kg compare in college, but at least i’m shaping my body towards better figure. my colleagues said i’m skinnier now, even though i did not lose any weight. i’m not gonna QUANTIFY my achievements.

i think my efforts to go to gym twice a week is great enough.. so, i’m gonna continue my gym this year.. because i believe health is the best investment (besides education, of course).

Pursuing my master degree –> okay, even though i did not pursue it yet, but at least this year i made my toefl score.. yeaaayy!! i am proud of myself, because that struggling moments during fasting month is super-though. even if i imagine what i have been doing that month, i can’t believe it. i really made it!

September 2009 is one of the hardest month in 2009. I gotta accomplish SAP catalyst testing, gotta attend tons of meeting, still maintaining my weight (going to gym, literally), struggling to find foods during fasting month, and taking kopaja 75 twice a week when people start breakfasting! Gosh.. i still remember taking dinner after my TOEFL course, alone at Pasaraya blok M. at that moment (and now) I kept thinking.. why don’t i pick a boyfriend? Dooohh… ahahahaha.. well, the only option I had is only to pick a strange man at my office who got car or a man staying faraway at karawaci who will just gonna gimme a call and saying, “i wish i were there”.

So, i think better i’m alone (at that moment). but, not now. i’m gonna have a boyfriend this year =)

anyway, after a long thought.. i think i’m gonna contentrate at my marketing career first. like what zabeth (my bestfriend) do, we used to share the same dream, but she finally change her mind. but, at the moment me and her thought that her dream already vanished… God sent her opportunity to (at least) pursue her international experience, and she took it!

and then I am amazed. so so so much amazed with God’s work in our life. He could make everything perfect in His time. what i’m doing now is just keep applying for master, but i can’t decide or pushing when will be the perfect time.. because i gotta focus on my other dream: marketing =)

anyway, so i guess i am quite proud with this resolutions’s achievement!

registering myself in NGO –> naaa, this doesn’t worked out. I follow CHOICE program this year, but i did not actively participate either. i kept busy with my own stuffs, mostly office thing, travelling, and going home to bogor. I really think i should join some NGO.. for my resume. Those scholarship board will be so pleased to see a person with great working achievement, career progress, but still managed to involved in social activities.

i really want to join greenpeace or WALHI. this is my homework for this year.

hoaeem, i forgot the rest of my resolutions.. but, i guess i have achieved 70% of my resolutions this year, not to mention i have finally reach my dream.. yeay, now i’m officially a marketer!

you can see my new resolutions in newest entry.


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