2010 resolutions

1. being promoted in my new department.

Oh yeah, I gotta be an asistant brand manager, if God wants me to =)

I will work so hard this year and hopefully I can get promoted.

2. Join NGO

Hopefully God wil give me an open door to join greenpeace, WALHI, WWF, or something like that. I will start to join coinachance first… =)

3. Lose weight and having thin leg!

okaaay, i know this is lame.. but everytime i saw those thin ladies in tv… it just shoot my chest! bam! why can I have it while they can?

so then i think of several friends which sucessfully run their diet. i think i’m gonna keep serious in this matter. i really need skinny figure and maintaining it.. that’s what i need, after hair and face make-over is admitably success :p

i gotta keep this as a long run goal. i gotta set a healthy diet. i gotta eat proper vegetables.

4. I still want my master degree…

yeah, i don’t know when are the best time.. but, the dream still filled my heart and chest and all my lungs….. maybe this year or next year, it’s all in God’s hands.

5. having a boyfriend!

yeah, i’m gonna really spread my wings… open heart, open mind, open arm… i’m gonna taste exotic foods i’ve never tasted before.. drinking alcohol for social occassions, being crazy in show (like what i’ve done at catalyst party.. hahahha.. crazy!)…. moreover, i’m gonna having a wild 25!

yeah, when most of my friends getting married, i’m spending my 25 being wild. but, i know that i always know the limitation… I just think that young age will never comes back, and i don’t wanna play safe anymore like i used to be…


One thought on “2010 resolutions

  1. Will keep my fingers crossed for you – that is for numbers 1,2 and 4.

    As for 3? Why change what is perfet already?

    And what about 5? At 25 the other sex may be fun sometimes, but should be just another side issue.

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