my own quote

Okay, i make my own quote tonight, “even though I know we will end to nothing, but I just wanna be happy..”

Have u ever been in a condition where your head saying that you are a complete moron, but your heart just wanna give that moroness action a shot?

okay, now i’m in a deep shit to decide where will I moved.

Uh yeah, 90% people around me says I’m stupid if I moved to Kuningan. But deep down inside my heart, I said to myself that I never had the chance to be close with people so adore with. This is just something I wanna do since I was in elementary school: being with popular guy. Plus, this popular guy have those magic words to calm me down, but the minus thing is………. yeah, uh.. i know we will end to nothing.

yeah, I’m tired. But, I also trying to get rid of him and get a replacement, but it haven’t been succeed yet.

and I feel guilty to myself because of that.

well, sometimes you just act irrationally, with full consciousness.ย  because you know, it will makes you happy, even just for a short-term happiness.

I wanna give it a shot, huaaa….!

I once promised to myself, never ever ever doing something stupid for others. such as when he pushed me so hard to buy blackberry, i said to myself, NO!! you will regret the 4 million you’ve spent!! you will ended cursing yourself when you know that…………. that blackberry won’t give you any benefit. just make you spend your money every month (for the package), for stupid reasons.

but then, i decide to buy it mostly because i moved to marketing. and it’s true, now we hardly chat each other every day, and even it do so, it just filled with crankiness, sometimes useful, but most of it was crap. but i really feel the advantage of linking my office email to blackberry ๐Ÿ™‚

marketing job has no fixed time, so I am proud to myself because i bought blackberry for reasonable thing.

now, i have no idea what is the other benefit i’ll get from that new room to rent!!!

gimme me some, please?

anyway, maybe i’ll get an award for being such a loyal woman, ever.

2 thoughts on “my own quote

  1. The advantages of moving?

    Well, at least it is an opportunity to get rid of superfluous stuff.

    Also it is quite a help in saying mentally goodbye to the bitter memories of the past ( of there are any)

    And it offers great chances to start the furnishing and decorating from scratch – and totally according to one’s recently acquired taste.

    (By the way: still planning to leave for France towards the end of this year??)

  2. hi cols… sorry I just replied… using BB makes me a li’l bit abandoning my blog ๐Ÿ˜€
    yesss, i moved now, hehehe…. and it feels great!
    fortunately, i don’t follow my moron gut at that moment, because though I moved to the same area with him, he doesn’t even give a blink. so, thank God i moved not because of him, but because i get a fantastic offering! cheap price in the center of the Jakarta area ๐Ÿ˜€

    and yes, i just realized that my stuffs are so much…. crazy!! and now i had better mood to clean my room, maybe because the air conditioner, or maybe just my euphoria.. we’ll see until when this mood will stand still ๐Ÿ˜›

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