stop it!

Okay, stop crying and stand up, idiot!

i don’t want to miss those opportunities because i kept staring at the corner. i won’t get anything through tears and solitaires.

I have decide to stop being sad.

oh yeah, i have roommates for the past 4 months, but it’s not always enchanting. we through fights and crankiness…

and yes, i have laugh so much in CSL department, but I also experienced some rubbish moments… two boss who kept fighting each other and makes me in between theirs! and my friends doesn’t always pleasant, sometimes they treat me like i’m a stupid toddler.

so yeah, i deserve better, that’s why i ‘ve chosen this path.

being a marketing will make me say “i love my job” everyday.

having new and important roles make my CV looks beautiful and smoothen my way to next journey: post-grad.

oh yeah, it’s so lonely at the top, but it’s you who decide whether you want to keep distance from those new people, questioning what the benefit gettin’ friends with them, and get rotten alone… or you wanna mingle and save yourself?

it’s you who decide, to be happy or to be in indefinite misery.

yes, you! you! you!

so, who cares if you spent your life 24 years being single? there’s so many women out there wasting their life with the wrong man!

just consider you’re saved with choosing the right man… and you’re not alone indeed. you’ve been spending the worth of 1 year with a man who makes you healthy everyday and always makes up your day ๐Ÿ™‚

anyway, i recently got new crush. he’s one of the executive guy, but he’s so shy and i guess haven’t healed from his previous relationship. i don’t know how i can attract him, or even ask him to go to movie ๐Ÿ™‚

hoah, it’s too hard for a girl to think how to ask her crush for a movie! it’s a man job, dude…..!

so, i guess, just prayin’ and let God decide who’s the best man to accompany me in this journey before post-grad, hahahahaha….. not ready for the knot, though.


2 thoughts on “stop it!

  1. You are strong, young, 24, beautiful, ambitious, talented, successful and doing great. And feeling blue sometimes.

    Well, men are no solution ( women neither by the way) to that minor problem. Usually they are another pain the in the ass (I can know, because I used to be a man myself).

    Yet of course they can be fun occasionally. So why being the prisoner of out of date traditions, habits, conventions and prejudices like “ask her crush for a movie! itโ€™s a man job, dudeโ€ฆ..!”.

    If you ask me: old fashioned rubbish. If he’s to shy and you are not, it would be a shame not to ask the quite innocent question: do you care to share the pleasure of this super-duper movie with me?

    After all: why shouldn’t you be in the vanguard regarding normalization of the male-female relations. If fabulous strong ladies like you don’t change ridiculous habits, who will, for Ch…’s sake!

    PS: How about France??

  2. hahahha… what a cool-awesome-long-note from you ๐Ÿ™‚
    anyway, first thing first.. i know i haven’t been answering your question for a long time, about france.. I have decide not to apply for partial scholarship to france last year, because i want to learn marketing first (as u know, i moved to marketing this january), and i kinda regret it now :p

    therefore, i will apply for several more scholarship this year…. need your prayer so that i can get at least one, and pursuing my postgrad next mid-year ๐Ÿ™‚

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