starting over

just watched ugly betty, about betty who’s starting over her life when her boyfriend decide to volunteer in a social program in Africa.

she did make a lot of silly accident, hahahha… include making her whole apartment building get robbed. it’s so funny!

Anyway, I again re-think to starting over my life after my roommates went away. anyway, for those who curious who’s my roommate, she’s my college friend -one of my very bestfriend, and she went to Bali again after being my roommate for approx. 4 months. actually she’s thinking to comeback again to Jakarta, but we’ll never know when, and i shouldn’t lean my life on other people.

her's & zabeth's farewell party at dragon fly, jakarta

after all, i realized when she’s there either, she’s just my distraction of something i really need in my age, love. so, i need to make a solution, not distraction.

well, uh…. this is what we call distraction, something i should do to make myself happy 🙂

1. watching glee and another serial movie (except how i met your mother, i don’t like it)

2. go to gym… make your self in shape could make a world as a better place :p

3. oh yeaahh.. this is not distraction, this is something i should do in a hurry! post-grad application, huaaaa….!

hmm, according to my ex-boss, this is the solution for your emptiness:

1. write your dream guy criteria in a paper

2. open your self widely to any matchmaking, knowing new people, and start contacting old people… ask them whether they have someone to introduce to you… (well, i know that sounds very desperate, but she’s now marrying one!! and it’s the super rich one…. don’t care, hahahaha…)

3. making a promise to yourself that in 3 months you’ll get a boyfriend (the point is: focus)

hmmm, i guess i’m just lacking of focus nowadays… i tend to use my glommy moody heart rather than my healthy mind. i should start using my mind, so i can make my life easier!!


2 thoughts on “starting over

  1. Your ex-boss may have made a huge catch, yet I don’t think she is right about a calculating strategy to end up with the love of our life. I guess being relaxed in stead of planning is the better alternative.

  2. naaaa, focus to get have boyfriend in 3 months? let him come naturally, jeng…
    and agree with knowing new people or just start to contact the old one, hehehe….

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