some thoughts at nite

Now 1:20 am, and some things tickled my heart, feel guilty if I sleep without writing it down.. First, I felt guilty to my parents. They had being so nice ever since my sister moved to Japan, and I had being such a slut. I don’t know, maybe because my anger regarding the boyfriend thing, and the fact that they’re showing their spouse-ness thing now and it reminds me that I don’t have a boyfriend.. Yes, I’m a woman in anger now. I did lots of self-destructive thing, and I had hurted people who loves me the most.. Huhuhuhhu.. I made a promise to myself, that no matter how suck my mood is, I will try to speak politely to my parents. Even though It’s hard to reject all my mom’s demands. But, I’ll try, bless me God. Second, I was wondering, can I dealt with ā™” and postgrad in the same time? Because currently I have a crush to a man in office, and everybody said he’s an eligible bachelor ever.. Though the fact I don’t wanna married yet, I just hope that no matter what happened, either we can be mates or not, I can still manage both. Because ā™” and dream are the most important thinbg in my life..


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