just spend dinner with him, but today with no feeling.

i guess it’s because now my heart has shifted to my new crush who will go to Shanghai this weekend… hahaha, yeah.. rich guy!

i don’t know……

i don’t wanna be in a serious relationship, because it will drain my energy off, but do I have options here? being in a not serious relationship in Indonesia is most likely being playing around by guys or playing guys around. it’s hard to have one guy who’s willing to serve you the fun…. hahahaha….

anyway, just had a consumer training, and the trainer was so good, his name is Yuri. now I know why so many foreigners being flown away everyday, i just hope that there also many Indonesian also who flew around the globe, brights other people’s mind, i just don’t know yet :p

Yeah, 40% of it’s citizen in India has high IQ, why not Indonesia?

now I want to search for a video named “did you know” in youtube, because i watched it once in the training, and it was shockingly awesome!


2 thoughts on “report

  1. Actually we can have one or two male friends as our best & closest friends who will adore you like his lover but he won’t force you to have a commitment with him. He will just introduce you as his friends at the public, but when you’re alone together, he could treat you like his sweetheart 🙂

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