got fooled

ckckckkc… all my assumption are wrong. so so so wrong.

i feel cheated a bit, but since i cheated him also, so i guess we’re even :p

anyway, just want to inform that when he started to annoy me by chat, communicator or whatever, he’s still had a girlfriend.

lesson learned, don’t make assumption by people’s face. he might looks like the most innocent man, but he isn’t.

i started to memorize, when we first dated, is it 49 days ago? hmm… but i don’t remember and don’t even bother to remember.

as I said, it might hurts me a bit, but i’m not a saint girl also. so, i guess this is just how the world goes round =)


2 thoughts on “got fooled

  1. A summary of the mating game.

    Men??? You can’t trust them.

    (That’s what is so exciting about them).

    PS: The same holds for women.

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