i wish “like” has a turn off button

Yaps. tonite he doesn’t contact me, but i’m not pissing-off.. because I know he must be very tired. He changed his biological time after he knew me, hehehe… but, anyway, always remember what my friend said, “never give your heart full to a man.”

yes, as you know i’m a melancholic girl who alllwaaayyysss fall into the same trap :p

But I hope I can be a li’l bit “conscious” this time, hehehee… and make myself in control.

last week we just had our 5th date, and it was so much fun. it is true what the workshop said:

“people doesn’t always remember what u said or what u give, but they always remember how u make them feel”

well, we both enjoying the moments, and then yesterday…. for the 1st time, he really call me in purpose 🙂 we talked for 1.5 hours at night, and he does sounds like my ex! yes, my ex who always sounds cute on the phone. I begin to like him even more… haaahh… and now i miss him. i wish “like” has a turn off button, but maybe this is my moment to enjoy all the glitters and butterflies in my stomach….. =)

and well… 1 day more to Kuala Lumpur! visiting my friend, Zabeth….! hope i will not miss him that much :p


3 thoughts on “i wish “like” has a turn off button

  1. Butterflies?

    Hurrah! There is no escape. Cupid did hit your heart. It’s without doubt the sweet sickness you are suffering from – one from which one should profit as it lasts.

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