learning from the heart

2 points taken from this book (by David Gotlieb):

1. when u love, don’t expect to be loved back. don’t afraid to be hurt. don’t afraid of anything, just love. in some way, it could avoid us from expecting something beyond the circumstances (low expectation means less broken hearted). but can we ever do that? i mean, we all wanted to be loved, and i always thought one side love is pathetic…. been there, done that.

what i should do now is maybe…. i gotta lowering down my expectation. such as, when i love or like someone, i don’t push him to give me full affection, just be mature lah…. we all got our own life. it’s splendid to have someone caring us so much, but he can’t always be there for us. only God who will. so i think the true love is should be referred to God.

2. don’t affraid of death. death is only a symbol of our narcissism, because people will move on after we died. well, it’s true indeed. why we should be afraid of death, if we always live life to the fullest? i don’t wanna live in fear… that something i should bear in mind, everytime….


3 thoughts on “learning from the heart

  1. In a love relation a French saying I once read correctly says: while the one is kissing, the other is turning his/her cheek.

    For a mature relationship it isn’t necessarily so that both put the same effort in it – nothing wrong with going on courting a girl even if she seemingly turns you down, nothing wrong with going on flirting with a guy who isn’t totally in you. Ultimately one may succeed – or fail. In this last case: detach and move on to another one of the 3,5 billion candidates.

    Love is an exciting but rough game. So one gets hurt. It is worth the pain though. But it’s not for children. And on the other hand: one can do without an exclusive companion for spiritual and physical comfort.

  2. @ stephworld: Well, I think I take a slightly different perspective indeed( but then: I’m not a thrilled discovery voyager any more, but rather a melancholic historian..) .

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