am I lost?

this is always happening to me. Am I deserve to get a real love?

well, I might be lost.

I have forgot all about church, God, and my parents lately… I even forgot about my scholarship. I should do novena to support my scholarship application, but I’m not doing it. Lately my head is full of him. Even my marketing job has shifted to number 2.

well, I can judge myself, tear-off myself, or knock down my head with a big bang. But, what the use of it? I am me. I always fall into the same hole, that’s a fact. So, rather than telling myself stupid all the time, let’s face it!!

How can I stay sane while this feeling bloomed so hard? how to keep my head straight while my heart beating so fast?

well, the answer it: get real.

there’s no superman. He make your world funnier, but in the end we all die alone. So, never give all your heart to others, you got to keep a piece for yourself.

Hopefully this will end with a good thing. Hopefully this won’t be too hurt. I’m just so tired of broken heart. Amen.


One thought on “am I lost?

  1. It will pass. Gradually the bliss of deliciously being in love will turn into a down to earth love relationship. So just enjoy it unrestrained while it lasts.

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