no right or wrong, only gutfeel

He’s sleeping and doesn’t reply my text.. Oh no, its not a problem for grown-ups, because we’re not measuring the quality of a relationship from the frequency of communication, because deep inside our heart, we know that everything gonna be alright..

You know what I feel right now?

He hasn’t say “the word”, he hasn’t asked me to be his girl, but that’s okay. I’m not in a rush, fact I’m trying to enjoy these moments so much, because I felt like carrie bradshaw -yet inspired by the 2nd movie also. I am affraid that our fun relationship would changed if we put status in it. We put tag. Tag means responsibility, and it ruins all the spontaneous and romanticism.

Well, I can’t lying myself that I want a status, its only I’m not rushing for it. I let God decide what’s best, yet when’s best also.

Why the hell I need status?

Uh, well.. The fact that my father worried about my “singleness”, the fact that my mother kept asks me to introduce the man I’ve been dating for these past months, the fact that I want to bring him into family leisure, because I miss his presence when seeing my mom talk to my father.. Huhhuhuhu.. I’ve been alone for these past years, and I’m tired of it. I just need someone to share.. I need someone to support, to hug, and to love..

I don’t ♡ him yet, and I won’t.. Until I’m sure he’s the right man I can trust my heart with..

Currently there’s some other man who also came into my life, and I can choose one of them actually.. But my consideration is, I feel safe with him. Its hard to find a guy that you believe he’ll never cheat on you, eventhough you’re apart. How can you trust a guy, that tweeting all around about flirty words? Though, I don’t like smoking guy, so I pass this one. Well, until today I still choose him, because of many consideration. Its rare to find a nice guy, without any tendencies.. Eventhough he needs anger management, eventhough he’s very shy, eventhugh he doesn’t liked to be critizised about his appearance.. Well I guess I just had to compromize with all those attitude, because all human are imperfect.

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