raditya’s marmut merah jambu

i finish this book very fast.

less than 2 days.

Raditya dika is one of my favorite blogger and twitter writer (guess we can call those actively wrote in twitter as that way? i don’t know if there’s other name for it….), but never been my favorite book writer.

this book haven’t made me as his book fans also, but this book quite okay.

it combines between comedy and romance.

and well, like it or not, we need both of the mix to make ourself keep sane in this crazy world. u may think money can buy everything, but u always need a pour of comedy in your daily life –how you laugh your foolness, and a blast of romance –that might keep your head full of problem, but don’t you just love how it makes you breeze?

that’s why we kept fall in love.

anyway, if you have time, just read it. it’s funny. it can makes you giggling at night. then makes u think. then makes you laugh again. the book is light, but it can stay in your mind for several times… like what charlie brown said (that also being quoted in the book):

“nothing takes the flavor out of peanut jam other that unrequited love”


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