my friend just lost her bag contains her laptop, blackberry bold, wallet and all!!! it happened when we hang-out at cilandak town square, precisely at jco donuts. OMG!!! i really hate those burglar, or anything they called…. i hate them because they don’t understand how stuffs mean for us… mostly, it’s not about the money, but it’s about the history and memories inside….

oh, so awful…

she cried on my shoulder, i tried to hug and comfort her… OMG, it really broke my heart to see her sadness, and i will act the same if i’m in her position… or maybe i’ll fainted….

OMG… i’m speechless…

i can’t forget that moment…

the moment when she almost lost everything she had…

but, it brings a meaning for me. He came to pick-me-up, but he had to be stuck in that awful situation.. so, at that moment i really saw straight to his eyes. say thank u, sorry, thank u, sorry for several times.

i don’t know, but something blast on my mind, it seemed that God create this moment for me to realize that he’s a nice guy. and yes, now i like him more than before…. doubled than last week.

I hope i can manage my feeling well 🙂


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