what happened today

1. my boss just saw us today… dunno what will happened in Monday.

2. he use that shorties again, the one that make him looks fatter and shorter… Gosh, someday i’ll find a way to tell him to use shorter and more fit pants.

3. he’s not handsome, sometime he looks nice.. but what makes me want to hold his hand is because of his kindness… the way he served my meal (yes, he served me, not i’m serving him…), the way he prioritize my need, the way he ask me out today when he saw my facebook status (cloudy sunday…..).

4. I go to church today, and i feel like missing God a lot.. i miss my family also. I promised myself, I will come home this weekend.


2 thoughts on “what happened today

  1. O YES! You’ve been spotted, it will be public and now you can’t run away from it any more.

    Okay, there is a difference between a really hot guy ( by the way: clothes make the man – but not really) and a perfect future husband. It looks like he got many qualifications to be a perfect husband.

    • Thanks Cols..
      But I’m not sure yet about any husband. Marriage is not in my mind yet. I want to marry in age 28, but apparently I still have a dream to cope up, and of course my own fear to be committed to someone for the rest of my life..

      So, when I see him, my feeling mixed-up. As a young girl, I want to have a hot guy… I still on the flame, right.
      But I’ve been there with a really hot guy, floating my feeling for a year (you can see my entries for the past one year), how I wasted my heart for someone that only consider me as-i-don’t-know-what.

      Now, in front of me there’s a good guy, at one side its comforting to have someone.. But at the other side, I kept broke his heart when I saw him not in a proper look..! Yeah, we always want something we don’t have!

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