a week and after

Been a week and several days, yah almost 2 weeks.. But I don’t want to really count it. Okay I lied, everyday my subconscious brain said “ohhh its only been a week and …” And wonderin’ when it’ll be a month or even a year, like those people who’s in relationship for a year, 2 years, or even 9 years. Suddenly I wish time flies..

But then I realized, my life is not just about this relationship. I planned to make this relationship as a small part of my life, even though it kept growing bigger and bigger..

I need to focus on my career as I haven’t proven my capability, my best effort.. Because I’m too busy to think where I should go dating..

My postgrad? Oh my God, this is even worst.. I haven’t start anything since May..

Anyway, its okay to enjoy love.. Everyone needs love as a critical part of their life. So, just enjoy it.. Don’t count it. When you laugh together, when you cries together.. Time will flies eventually.


2 thoughts on “a week and after

  1. Life is really about a lot of hard and tough work.

    Education, career and love-relationship – they are equally important. Only by putting in a lot of effort in each of them, life will be the way one wants it to be.

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