When ure dating, sometimes just watching tv side to side without saying anything is good.
But I can’t have it yet.. My lodging house is somewhat very strict and old fashioned.. And his house is just too far and filled with his family


5 thoughts on “bored…

    • Hahahaha.. Netherland? Yeah.. Anyway, I’m thinking to fund education in Europe by myself (by my saving and part-time job) and one of my chosen country is Netherland. Do u think I can survive there (cover the living cost) with part-time job?

  1. The cost of living is high ( to rent a simple, tiny room in Amsterdam you will need at least € 400 – 500 a month), study is expensive [for instance: I paid over € 1500 for a simple ( be it good) course Dutch for one of my daughters-in-law]. So I guess it will be tough but possible.

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