Yesterday I read quote from raditya dika, one of the most famous twitter celeb in Indonesia:
“Love fades, but companionship stays. That’s why in the end we always come back to the one that gives us most comfort”

Anyhooo.. From this freshly new relationship I learned several things:
1. Love is comfort zone. Love might not eternal, but we will stays if we found someone who can gives us comfort, maybe because we’re too lazy to find new comfort, or we just don’t wanna take the risk to lose that comfort we already have.

2. Straight forward is better than trying to “make-up” things. Honesty is very important for any relationship, to reduce any mis-communication that might arise from hiding things up, just to make this relationship “seemed worked”. Yesterday I’m upset with him because most of the times he never confirm our appointment instantly.. He shift the topic into something else, and then might be 1-2 days later he’ll back to the topic. I know he might confirm his schedule to his mom/ sister, and I don’t have any problem with that, I just need some “waiting words” such as: “gimme a day to confirm it”, “I will ask my mom now, ya..”, etc.
Anyway, when I had that “moment of truth”, he said to me “I think I will love this journey” 🙂

3. I’m trying to be somewhat mature, and not to give him any burden when he’s leaving.. I’m trying to live our own personal space.. I feel like, I’m waaayyy ahead than my previous relationship (my ex told me, I’m gripping him too tight back then..)

Voila.. We are learning everyday.. We always do! Life is continuous learning 🙂


2 thoughts on “relationship-companionship

  1. Great quote and an upbeat & wise post. Especially ad 2 and ad 3 I like. As for the comfort zone… to keep it a spicy comfort zone every now and then it needs some fireworks.

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