The early moment of this relationship feel quite heavy for me. There’s so many cute guys around, and I can’t stop comparing my man with them.

So I start questioned about faithfulness.. How can a guy like david beckham decide to be monogamous.. He’s gorgeous, he’s rich.. He can get any girl in the world.

Then I watched this story, about an indonesian celeb who’s having cancer, and she can’t have any child, she’s even had to have menopause in 33 years old. Then I start thinking about her husband. Maybe its because between so many beautiful creature who’s teasing us, in the end we just need someone who’s able to be a great companion during good times and bad times?

Maybe because no matter how cute s/he is, in the end we just need someone to give comforting hug when we’re down?

Maybe because no matter how rich, how success s/he is, we just need a great companion who’s not judging us when we make mistakes?

Until now, I still thinking about those cute guys out there, and wondering will I’d be happier if I were with one of them? I don’t know.

But one thing for sure, better being grateful for someone we have now, rather than keep wanting someone we don’t have. Because when that person left, we’ll realize how much s/he means for us.


2 thoughts on “faithfulness

  1. Though I very much doubt whether women an men are meant to be sexually monogamous, it is something which goes with what we really need: a solid relationship with a partner we can confide in and who will be there to share our joys and comfort us in times of sorrow.

    The moment we meet a person, a potentially prosperous partner, we have to go by the looks – they appeal to our sexual desires. Fame, power, a lot of money and a gorgeous body will help to make us fall for her/him. But to establish a stable and rewarding relationship the personality which only will be revealed after a lot of non-erotic moments, is what really counts.

  2. You are absolutely right, I think.

    Making acquaintance with someone you have to go by the looks. A gorgeous body, power, wealth, fame, smooth talk even – all are the aphrodisiacs at work.

    But in the long run one needs someone one can confide in, someone you can rely on to share joy with and one run to for comfort in times of sorrow.

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