just wanna be happy

I remember Z -my friend, once told me that she doesn’t care what she did is right or wrong, she just wanna be happy.

Then here I am now, in the middle of the night thinking too much about my BF status in facebook. He said he want to being in the crowd, sit alone, and having conversation with his brain. And I was thinking it’s because of me…

Well, it took delay for me to reply his text this evening. I prefer to sleep and reply after I’m awake (which apparently he’s already asleep). He wrote that status while I’m sleeping.

He’s not that kind of man who speaks loud about his feeling, he told me he’s a shy guy. A shy-phlegmatic-melancholic kind of guy.

Sometimes I felt his love burden me a lot. I don’t know how deep he like me, he never told me. But from his partially words, his shy act, how he served my meal… I just realize that my like level is way lower than him.

I don’t know whether this can sustain.

He’s a man who doesn’t speak his feeling very well.

I’m a girl who thinks about everything too much.

Can we make a tango?


One thought on “just wanna be happy

  1. May I’m prejudiced – but isn’t this a typical female habit? I mean always and ever going on analysing relationships?

    Too much analysing may lead to paralysing. Sometimes it is better to take is as it is.

    And by the way: don’t you think the passionately melancholic tango is made for people who are passionate (you) as well as melancholic (him)?

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