Making the right decision

Though making decision is not about right or wrong, but we always afraid to make wrong decision. But, when you get it right, the happiness is enormous!!

Day by day, I start to understand that appearance fades.. richness can be lost in a second.. but quality of a man stays.

His stomach is not flat.

His hair starts bald in the middle.

But, what’s really matter?

For all the patient he had spent…

For all the attention he had gave…

For all my critics for him (and he can handle it)…

I like him more than before.

When I’m with him, I feel like in Paris already.


2 thoughts on “Making the right decision

  1. And he can handle your criticism too? Nobody is perfect, but he is close. [ ( 🙂 ]

    And by the way what’s the meaning of this: “… I feel like in Paris ALREADY”?

  2. hahahaha…. well, he’s not perfect, indeed.. when he’s mad, i feel so afraid..

    i mean..
    for me, Paris is the most romantic city in the world (i thought so).. but when i’m with him, i feel like in Paris already, without being there physically..

    but of course i still wanna go to Paris 🙂

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