what’s up me?

1. Will browsing for aussie vacation.. I guess I just had enough lately.. Need a break!! It must be worth enough than only japan..

2. Currently smoothing my hair when I type this entry. Burning the boredom by reading fashion magz and still not open marketing mag inside my bag. Hey, where has that passion left? Is it true I just want something because I cannot have it? And when I have, I complicate my life with searching for new treasures.. Oh okay, don’t care.. Analyze it won’t help me to stop my character, it’s just.. Me

3. The euphoria of having someone start to be somewhat conflict in my heart. I guess I am sometimes turn into a wicked GF who likes to criticize my BF.. Well, I’m gonna ease it a bit, as I can. But if I can’t, maybe I’m just not that persistent to hang-on this relationship. Dunno.. Haven’t been sure yet.. Let time reveal it’s power


2 thoughts on “what’s up me?

  1. Have you been hit by the ominous “Is that all there is?” feeling? Well maybe a break in Australia may help.


    The other day someone reminded me of the fact that a relationship with a pet is always much easier than with a partner.

    We don’t expect a dog to continuously think up new exiting moments to make us feel happy. On the contrary: he should be reliable, predictable and faithful to make us happy. And he usually is.

    On the other hand the demands we confront our partners with, often are practically impossible. He ( she) should combine the virtues of a dog with the opposite: being romantic, adventurous, exiting, dangerous even, creative and challenging.

    Well without some compromising that will end in disappointment. So, for a rewarding relationship, I think we should put a lot of effort in it in order to come as close as possible to fulfil our partners demands (being a mix of a dedicated dog and a slightly naughty entertaining counterpart) ourselves, and to moderate to a similar mix our own demands which we put to our partner.

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