guess which one is me?


Jakarta in a cloudy moment.

My friend tweeted, “Jakarta on it’s best weather”.

Yes, we all human, now, start to replicate birds. We prefer tweet than talking.

It make me realized, all action invites so many responds in a way we can’t imagine before.

So do I now, never realized that my decision has change my life into a shape I would never expected before.

I never regret my decision to move to Marketing.

Because at that moment, my life is so expired back then.

I worked for laugh, not for self fulfilling.

It’s so great I finally be able to write this on, on my dearest blog.

to share, to admit what I’ve been feeling.

What mistakes I’ve been done until I arrive at this down moment.

I don’t know whether I am really depressed, or I just making reason to run.

Because I always run in my life.

When I’m at college, I thought I already stop my habit to run, but apparently I still do.

I’ve been in several months of doubt. So I think it’s not PMS.

And now his mom is hospitalized. We all struggling for misery, it is our way to turn it into cheers.

And now it’s my agenda to see the glass as a half full than half empty.

What do I really want in life?

I’m not sure about the short-term, all I want is freedom.

Though I don’t have sum amount of money like Paris Hilton to enjoy world, but I will make a way to make it comes true. I believe I will, because faith won’t fail.


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