I guess you’ll never be too sure of somebody before you get married?

or even you have married, you’ll never be too sure with you’re spouse?

because there will always be someone better.

someone brighter.

someone richer.

someone which is too good to be true.


but maybe what we need is simply just… someone who will be right beside us during good and bad times.

I haven’t been so sure about my man until recently.

there’s ups and downs on my feeling for the past 3 months of our relationship.

and maybe he felt the same thing.

and while i’m trying to find the answer…. the answer is above…

maybe we’ll never be so sure about somebody… until we lose him?


2 thoughts on “never

  1. Life is, like most people, whimsical. Only of the beginning and end we are sure. The rest is hazard and adventure. We’d better accept that as an exciting and challenging part of life.

    But as for ‘someone better, brighter, richer, too good to be true”? Well going by my own experience that actually is “too good to be true”. Mr or Mrs “Perfect”doesn’t exist. Not in the real world. Only in moments of desperation and distorted perception we may believe to have discovered our perfect match – who in due time will reveal him- or herself as another ordinary human being.

    • You’re right! We’ll only sure in the end and beginning, but the rest is adventure!

      That what make life interesting, huh?
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