now i know….

In a relationship, there’s so many ups and downs.

There’s so many mis-match feeling.

such as, when i miss him, he doesn’t miss me.

when he miss me, i don’t….


but maybe, relationship is not a season. It doesn’t comes one at a time. It’s about commitment, that you will give him comfort, even when you’re not in the same mood… because you know, when it happens to you, he will do exactly the same thing. That what makes a tango.


Or when the butterflies is not as strong as before, you still want to maintain the relationship.

Even you both doesn’t texting each other as you used to do.

Even the level of excitement is keep declining…

doesn’t mean it’s time to break-up.

Because you know, you will miss the comfort like he used to give.

Because you’re afraid, that you can’t afford to lose him.


I don’t know what real love means.

Is it the butterflies.

Or is it the comfort a man can give to a woman, and vice versa.

It’s only been 4 months, yet it has given me various feeling.

None of above I can answer yet.

I just can assume.