i am, now

my yearly performance discussion has become an enormous terror inside my head for this one week.

I am thinking about it a lot, how my greater boss wants me to become.

Am I ready to do it, and if I’m ready, do I want to do it?

but, then, a weekend at home has make my feet grasp again on the ground.

yes, just face it that I don’t have any back-up plan just yet, and now what I gotta do is survive for living.

nonetheless, my boss wants me to be developed indeed.

So, can I just do it, can I just kill these fear inside myself and shine?

because I need to conquer anything in front of me in order to be a winner.


It made me think, does dating has weakened me?

Or do I need stronger man to motivate me?

but, again… don’t make an early judgement, anyway if you get something, you’ll lose something.

that’s the balance in life.


One thought on “i am, now

  1. Long ago some kind and wise friend told me: “The boss may call the shots but he misses the bull’s eye as many times as you do”.

    In other words: you can think it over, but should not over estimate the wisdom of a boss’s opinion.

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