new year resolution

Okay, talking about the serious conversation we had during new year’s eve, and the fact of my condition now..

Again, I am questioning about God’s preference.

Yes, I am still that woman who always flirted to something more beautiful, and I can’t stand my eyes off.

Yes, nor do him.

Now I can see him watching those female legs at mall, but I let him… because I want to see the views as well :p

When I see handsome guy, with not very pretty girl out there, I am questioning God’s decision.

But when he’s sacrificing a lot for me, I feel grateful that God has give him for me.

Yes, I know I was such a terrible “daughter” for my Father.

I am trying Father.. I am trying not to question, but enjoy.

Thanks anyway… the life has been great, like always.. thanks for your unlimited blessings 🙂


One thought on “new year resolution

  1. A little bit of innocent and playful flirting?

    Being a healthy person, endowed with eyes and good taste, it would be a sin not to appreciate the gems of creation – the attractiveness & beauty of some men and some women included.

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