yesssss… now i am officially overweight!!

gotta do something about it, and my gym will just opened in March 16.. oh, crap.. 😦


3 thoughts on “overweight!

  1. Overweight? It is either something about statistics or just perception. In other words: No problem.

    Either change the benchmarks ( change height 1.70 is max. 65kg into 1.70 goes with 70 kg) or change the mind ( “I’m too fat” into “I am adorably chubby”).

    Yes, or work out ( which is good for condition but does usually not make one loose weight). Less food and drink – to be hungry and thirsty that is – might help though :).

  2. wkwkwk…u r wat u eat stepy….
    jaga makanan aja klo kata gw sih….
    klo mo turun ya cardio aja terus..high intensity cardio is a great option…

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