Lombok-Gili travel guide

for those of you who’s interested to feel the beauty of lombok island, u may refer to my trip few days ago.

Things to prepare:

1. choose your hotel early. since Lombok is so quiet. but choose well-known hotel. senggigi beach or sheraton could be a good choice. i booked puri malimbu hotel, and it turns to be disaster!

2. since spot in lombok is faraway one to another, you need to book full day rental car with fixed price of gasoline. such as, from senggigi to kuta beach is like 2 hours drive. while from airport to bangsal pier (to gili), took minimum 1 hour. if you took cab, you will spend around 100 thousand IDR. so, if you don’t wanna get bankrupt due to taxi rate, just book a car. unless if you wanna spend all day in Gili, like i did πŸ™‚

the rest is to have fun!! πŸ™‚

our "scary" plane from Bali to Lombok

Me & boyfriend in front of the beautiful sea πŸ™‚

i wish i have bikini bods!

only the 3 of us πŸ˜€


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