my prayer

I don’t know why now i’m rarely have that deep and private conversation with my Saviour…… in fact, i do need Him in every each of my way….

“Dear Father in heaven…

my heart bumping so fast in the past 3 weeks…

and every day i open my mail, praying to You…

awaiting to see something i expected…

a good news will cheer me up… or even makes me dancing for 10 minutes… and makes me smiling 2 weeks full…

but bad news might stab me… right on the heart.

Dear God,

without am saying, i know that.. You know.. this has being my ultimate dream since 3 years ago.

even after i had the guy that really cares for me.. i still wanna go.

because i know, this is my only chance.. or at least my big chance.

i have make my way to this part…. and i need Your help to make it all done.

to grant my dream.

Dear God,

in every of my prayer, i said that i  let your plan be my destiny…

and i will try to manage my feeling, whatever the result is…

i know i am only human.

i can feel disappointed.

i can be upset.

but i will try my best not to judge You.

because You know best for me, like You always do.

so, whatever the result is, i will always love You.”


2 thoughts on “my prayer

  1. Obviously whatever it is, the message you are so eagerly waiting for is one of great importance to you. I really hope it soon may turn out to be exactly what you want.

    But if it doesn’t, there still is the fact that one of the great qualities bestowed on mankind is the potential to cope with disappointments and turn them into new opportunities.

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