life plan

yeah i know plan is not always work in life.

and my BF always think that life should flow like water…. and we just follow the flow.

but, in this matter, i think i must plan ahead.

because it’s about what i want.

it’s about squeezing the options i had, and choose one.

to be honest, now i want 3 things:

1. going abroad

2. get married

3. make my own business

so, how can i prioritize? I can get everything, just not at the same time…. -___-;;

i guess money can settle down everything, right?

so, what i need to find is… money!

so, i need to build my business first… then maybe took a short course in US, netherlands, or aussie…. and get married 😀


but, it’s not easy and it’s not a short time to build a business…

well.. a year can do… with help from my BF, of course.

i can leverage his expertise in bakery or noodles.. i can make a restaurant that serve noodles comes from beneficial nature elements.. such as carrots, fish, or shrimp? hihihihi… yet, making a business means start from small things and ended up big!!!!

fiuuuuhh… when it is written, it is easier than just let it all be scrambled in my mind…..


One thought on “life plan

  1. Great. And it can de done. On all three levels: the relatively easy one for fun (travelling abroad), the very tough one for achieving self realization (an enterprise) and the hazardous romantic one for a happy marriage.

    Yet I guess to make these three quite different dreams come true, you need (apart from money ) a lot of creativity, resilience, energy, perseverance and most of all a great talent to bounce back after temporary setbacks. Characteristics with which of course you have abundantly :).

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