me, bf, and ellen -my gal, went to 4fingers Episentrum Kuningan, Jakarta a month ago. I’ve been wanting to go there since several weeks before because my colleague in Saatchi&Saatchi said the finger foods was damn good, especially spicy chicken wing.

It’s kind of hard to find the place because episentrum is like a maze, so cluttered. so, i ask the information lady, but still we need to look carefully ’til we finally find the place.

they make the ambience just like in New York subway train station. We choose sofa seat near the corner, and find out the sofa was not that comfy. i ordered in cashier, because their system is just like fast food. you order, pay, and then they will give you a number to deliver the foods. they have a package of 6 chicken wings and 2 drinks, the price is approx 70k.

the service is so long, we waited around 30 minutes! in fact the restaurant is not that crowded.. my bf even noticing the desk besides us waiting for almost 1 hour.

when i saw the chicken wings at first… i thought it was over burned!! the color is so dark, it’s like the chicken has been slurped by honey, and they being grilled. when i ate it, the flavor was so strong, mix of sweet, sour, and salty. i couldn’t find any spicy flavor in it (as indonesian tongue standard). but when i swallowed it, i can feel spicy in the end of my throat.

overall, compare to the price we paid, it’s not that worth… disappointed. won’t go there again đŸ˜‰


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