beautika (hang lekir)

Spicy and yummy (yet so expensive)!

Sorry, I forgot to take the food pictures.

I ordered this menu + review:

1. Ayam suwir rica-rica: it’s very spicyyy…. but you just want it more and more.

2. My bf had ikan patin: He said it’s pretty good.

3. rujak manado yang uneaakk tenaaannn… the sugar caramel sauce is really thick and chewy.. And actually they separate the peanut crumbs.. so you can sprinkle it on top of the sugar caramel. It was really damn good! But it’s very pricey, IDR 20,000. The usual rujak is only IDR 10,000 (at other place).

We only order ice tea for drink, yet total bill is IDR 180,000 something.

My bf said, don’t ask him there often.. ahhahaa..


2 thoughts on “beautika (hang lekir)

  1. This is really enigmatic to an outsider like me.

    What is it that’s so yummy? And Why? How expensive is expensive? And what is your measure of being expensive? Do you get value for money? And what’s the reason for the spicy and yummy stuff being expensive anyhow?

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