yeay! i’m one of googler now!

Yap, after those tears fallen days and days..

after the painful news..

Gos gave me strength, opportunity, and ways..

He has granted me Google Singapore!!

Oh, am so happy!

especially when hearing the offer ;p

it was 3 weeks after my interview in Google Singapore office, in the morning there’s a phone call from Singapore number. I knew it must be the recruiter, so i decide to go from my desk.

“Hi Stephanie, I have received news from the hiring team, and it’s good news”

gue:*mendadak salting*

then when he mention the annual offering, i can’t think cleary (obviously becausei’m so nervous), but fortunately he’s willing to e-mail me, so i can have a clearer state of mind, and imagine my monthly salary :p

then it goes..

the offering is quite good (unlike people said in the net), or maybe it’s because i’m a newbie in Singapore, i don’t know the standard salary I got to accept, but at least i know the standard cost of living there.

it’s enough for me to survive in Singapore jungle ;p

cannot afford a serviced apartment, of course…

I can’t wait to submit the resignation letter to my dear boss… but I should wait until I got the official contract (friends said).

I got the official contract in monday (I got the offering in thursday), got email from other google party in friday to submit several documentations for my working permit application.

and now, 1.5 weeks after I got the working permit approved 🙂

yihaaa… 3 weeks to be a singapore worker! Thank God =)


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