key to success

okay, we (and I) know that the definition of success is very subjective.

For me,

8 years ago, success is making my mom proud of me, being a busy career woman, and having a lot of money.

4 years ago, success is making people jealous of me and working my passion.

1 year ago, success is being happy.

despite of the definition, we all want to achieve a success in our life.

and after several drop and downs in life to run after those success in life, I knew that the secret of success is something I learned in junior high school:

probability theory.

The more we try, we will fallen over and over.

the more we fall, the more probability for you to get something.

this is the math:

if you try 100 times, you might fall 90 times.

but then, you get 10 success chances.

So, when people consider you’re a lucky bastard, just tell them “I try more, so I can achieve more”.

So, I bet success people must have a stone heart, because they got heartbreak 10 times than average people do!!

in summary, success people try more, heartbreak more, falling deep shit more, devastated more, but they hold the bleeding, keep trying and trying… and they finally get what they want!!

I bet even Galileo or Sir Thomas Alfa Edison experienced it.

it’s not easy to stand still when you’re bleeding.. but life must go on and eyes to the prize who kept remembering me to keep struggling.

So, that’s the answer of people who asked why I can achieve something. Of course with God’s help 🙂


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