working in Singapore

Singapore new symbol: Marina Bay Sands

I know that i haven’t been writing for ages.

Yeah, lots of things happened to me these few months, so I just lost the motivation to write and share my life journeys.

But, I want to give tribute to Maria, one of my best friend in college who has posted my quote at her facebook status. Thanks gal! you make me wanna write again, especially my dream is to have an Adsense account, since now am a Googler 😉

So, how’s my life nowadays?

It’s been fun, challenging, tiring, and lots of missing moments.

It’s just that, working in Google and abroad are 2 points that has changed my life stage.

You know, working in Google with all it’s facilities had made you think no more about resigning, other life objectives, and you can just be steady.

No, working there is not heaven, because you must be sure that everything has it’s flaws.

Hence, being separated with my boyfriend has made me realized that I don’t wanna be lonely. Lots of success career woman indeed lonely. What is life all about if you’re lonely? You only bought Prada or LV to make you feel better, yet what you need is a soulmate.

working in Singapore is great, especially because I had a wonderful work environment (I do realize that Singaporean culture is not very friendly, but I’m lucky that the company culture is stronger). I just missing one thing, a companion.

When I go home and feel really tired, I am hoping that I can meet someone that means a lot for me. I don’t wanna go home in an empty room.. or house.

Last week my bf visit me for 5 days, and we really use that precious time together, because we know that it would ended soon. We’re not always in good condition, sometimes we fought for small things. But, I guess that is what companion is. I knew that we’re still afraid with the word ‘marriage’ because it last for life. You can’t just change your mind sometimes.. or when something bad happened to your mate, you can’t just runaway. It’s the biggest commitment in your life, including having children.

Anyway, I’ve been pushing my bf so hard to find a job here… while I knew he’s having his moment at Kraft now. I do feel bad, but I also knew that he miss me so much too.

We don’t have much option now. And when we decide to get married, our option will be reduced further. And that’s what you will trade for love. Or at least not to be lonely all your life.


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