NY 2012 at china town, Singapore

yeah.. since the beginning I have a bf, i know that i will always put my dream in front of everything, include love.

i think, love can wait.

when i planned to go to europe, people keep asking me.. how about my bf?

yeah, he always support me and my towards the sky dream (if it’s not big enough, it’s not a dream), that what makes us can go away until 1.5 years.

And now, when God has show me the other way, I accept it gladly.

I am very grateful, even though i did not get the scholarship.. I can get a good job in Singapore.

But, I have to face the very one and only issue.. my dream or my bf.

I knew it won’t be easy, but I don’t know if it’s this hard.

Only a week after we’re apart, he’s crying in front of skype.. we missed each other a lot.

And now, after a 1.5 months apart, I keep crying and crying… because I need him… I don’t know what’s happen to me.

I am just too upset and sad because he’s not here.

I know he’s tortured as well, but he can manage it better than me.

Yeah, I am such a childish.

Maybe that’s explain why I am still in the IC level until now…

Oh God, I need your help again now…

as I always do.. sigh…


2 thoughts on “LDR

  1. Every now and then we need a shoulder to cry on. Times we feel lonely. Great if it’s there. Sad if we have to cope on our own.

    Yet, though it may last some time, the sadness will pass. Disappointments, drawback and sadness are just necessary parts of a successful lifelong learning process :).

    So, hang on :).

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