Bangkok: Asian fashion heaven

People said that London or Milan is the fashion heaven.. but it only serve the rich people!

While Bangkok is fashion heaven for Asian people!

I did not trusting it yet, before I went there myself!

I cancelled schedule to temples before I am just too happy seeing all those dresses in catuchak.. moreover the day after, my mother and sister had to wait for me for hours, because i am just too thrilled!

You can buy a dress for only 150 baht (IDR 45,000) or USD 5!

My friend just went there, and she bought like 60 dresses. I thought I am crazy enough!

this is some fashion hunting from me:

1. Catuchak opens in weekend only, so don’t forget to book your weekend time to go here. This is a signature market, must-go place when you visit Bangkok.

They basically sold everything here! whenever you like some stuffs, don’t wait until you stroll all over the place to decide, because you will never find the store anymore!

yeah, it’s like the biggest weekend market in Asia, you even can get lost!

So, when you love something, just buy it immediately.

Mostly they put fixed price, but when they don’t.. you can always bargain.

2. Platinum. For those Indonesian people, it’s some sort of Mangga Dua in jakarta. Unless, it’s cheaper than Mangga dua! woohoo..! most of “korean” online dress sold here, i even guess all those online clothes come from thailand. Of course, the sewing is bad.. and sometimes the fabric too. And you cannot try those clothes, they do NOT provide any fitting room. So, you have to measure it well. Half of my clothes from Bangkok is useless, because it doesn’t fit me well. But, half of it was great, I even still using it until now!

So, shop smart!

Tips for the taxis: always ask whether they use meter or not before getting into the taxi. Or when you use tuk-tuk, always bargain, because usually they give crazy price to the tourists.

in front of tuk-tuk, famous vehicle in Bangkok


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