Exotic Phuket!

I might say, Thailand is one of the most exotic place i ever been.

India has a very thick culture, but it is not exotic, IMO.

I am enjoying my 5 days in Thailand, because the hotel is cheap and good.. the food is awesome.. and everything is relatively cheap here.

I spent only 3.5 million IDR (around 400 USD) for the flight, accomodation, and even include the shoppings!

I took AirAsia from jakarta to phuket for only 300k IDR at that moment (promo price).

Here’s the tips for you:

1. I read in the internet, when you go out from the airport, ignore all the taxi drivers who offer you a ride. So, just go straight from the arrival gate… go outside the airport, and turn left. You will find a taxi counter. They have rate depends on your destination. If I’m not mistaken, I have to pay 180 baht at that moment. If I took the offer from onofficial taxi driver, I would’ve been charged twice!

2. If you wanna go for phi-phi or james bond island cruise, you can find the cheap one in the internet. Mine is around 1100 baht per person. But, actually the cruise is the same, because they are using a very big boat which contains like 1,000 people. But there are so many travel agents who involved. Otherwise, you can book directly. So many standing counters on the road offering for the tour. Even you can bargain for the package, if you wanna stay over in phi-phi.

3. For the hotel, because phuket hotel is overrated, I booked a hostel at that moment, through hostelworld. I only pay like 1,500 baht for 3 people per night. Quite cheap compare to 3 stars hotel who will charged you double than that. And the hostel location is very near to the beach… I am satisfied 🙂

phi-phi cruise.. incredible!


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