Pattaya Beach

After Bangkok and Phuket, I am continuing my journey to Pattaya.

In it’s moment, Pattaya is very famous.. it’s like the old Phuket. I took bus from Bangkok Bus terminal, took me like 2 hours journey. The fare is quite cheap, around 150baht per person. The bus is quite safe and not dirty, so very recommended for those of you who want to safe money. Other option is you can rent car + driver, but it will be extremely expensive.

Pattaya bus terminal is quite dirty and crowded. I have to continue with tuk-tuk from there, to go to my hotel. I booked my hotel through Agoda for 1,000 baht. It was quite an old hotel, but it’s okay for that price.

There’s so many western mid-age man there who holding hands with local girls. Looks like so many retired western man go to Pattaya and renting a house for months or even years, to spend their old moments there. And I think there’s a lot of local girls who’s willing to be their mate as well.

You can see a lot of bars and naughty ladies there.. even some ladies waiting for the customer besides the beach. So it’s quite dangerous for one girl to stroll in pattaya at night. Luckily I was with my mother and sister at that moment.

overall, not very recommended place.


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