This is a note from my trip in 2010.

Me and Z, my friend who lived in KL at that moment decided to visit Malacca.

We took public bus from KL bus terminal, and it took about 2 hours to reach Malacca. I forgot the exact amount that we paid, but it’s not pricey, i think it’s not more than 10 USD.


At Malacca Museum

Ruins of Fort A Famosa

Christ Church, Malacca

Suddenly when I walk towards Jonker Street, the famous street in Malacca where you can find foods and shops, I saw a long queue outside some restaurants. That made me and my friends, Z, curious. I decided to queue while she identified why people was queueing, indeed the day is so hot there! Yeah, Malacca is a harbor city, that’s why Dutch used to civilized them, because Malacca is an important port area at that moment.

We found out that they’re queueing for rice ball! I bet the rice ball is so good so that the people willing to queue for such a long time. We got in after queueing for 30 minutes, and indeed the rice ball is so good! They create a round rice ball, so we can take one by one with chopstick. Both rice and the chicken is so tasteful, not to mention the fresh lime juice.

Very recommended to try!

I want to go to Malacca again just to eat the riceball!


a very yummy riceball and fresh lime juice

durian chendol.. quite pricey but super yummy!!


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