Eiffel Scholarship

Bonjour mademoiselle!


I GOT it!!

I Finally got it!!

I finally got something that I have been wanted, applied more than 5 times in the past 4 years, and that I cried about!

I finally got the scholarship for Europe postgrad!

And it’s in France, my fav country!

No, I never been to France, and I really wanted to go there!

Eiffel tower, louvre museum, and all those famous spots in France…

THANK GOD, YOU have made my dream coming true!

Yeah, I know I got this just after 4 months joining Google, and I’m trying to get education leave, so I can get the best of both world.

I HOPE.. GOD will also bless this wish… but, however, I believe HE has the PERFECT Plan for me, above myself.

THANK YOU GOD… I can’t say enough THANKS to YOU… Thanks for everything…

every single thing you gave to me.. to my life…


7 thoughts on “Eiffel Scholarship

  1. steph… just touch down here!.. ada mbak petty jugaa, serasa kita lagi curhat2an di kamar lo, basecamp yang super duper rapi :p… walaupun uda tau lo dapet ini, pas baca postingan ini seneenngg tiba2 haruu *lebay banget ya gw… you know, this is just something that we always talk about, relize or not we always wish, pray together for this as a closing of our chit-chat time.. miss you a lot stephy.. mbak pettyyyy…. lets have juicy gossip gals! peyukkkkkkkk

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