It’s so funny if you heard people’s opinion to your decision.. it’s the same thing when i decided to went to public college 7 years ago.
Yet, i believe in myself.. and my ego. And my ego was my fuel to proved everyone that they’re wrong!

And now.. people has different opinion about me going for post grad, but i always believe in myself, no matter how money has tempted me zillion times.

I just never let that opportunity goes.. and i never think myself stupid, even though everyone else thought so.

My boss just gave me a book by Tony Hsieh, Ceo of Zappos. He’s one of a few rich and success guys, such as Bill Gates, who doesn’t brag.. yet he’s being very honest. He wrote about his journey..
When he was a child, he always wanted to seek for money so he can retire young and get whatever he wants.
Yet, when Microsoft bought his company -Linkexchange, and caused him to have millions of dollar, he just realized that it’s no longer about the money, but the experiences.
He took a Big decision to leave Oracle and make his own business, while everyone think he’s stupid.. but he choose himself over money.

Live life to the fullest!

If you try to think, we sacrifice so many great things in life just to chase after money. We thought that money will make us happy and make everything perfect.yet, it creates problem.

I remembered how my bf and i fought because he need to cancel our trip to Krabi because he needs to go to Paris for business trip. I just realized that the increase of his salary and title.. will cause less time for me.

I know it’s nothing now.. but day by day.. we’ll be focusing on how to get more money, because enough is never enough. The moment we realized that we already hurt our beloved one’s feeling because of that.

I know i can’t live without money, i know i want a fancy house.. but i also want to seize the humble days with my beloved, and never lose moments.. because life only comes once..


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