Mellow Yellow!

I had PMS for 3 weeks and it made me SOOOO MELLOOOWWW…

So, tonight I am very sleepy (because I just slept at 4 AM yesterday), but I miss my BF so much.. and it’s kinda makes me.. MELLOW

Anyway, How am I nowadays?

1. I started to dislike my job… and I don’t like my company like before. I don’t know, maybe it happens to every worker in the whole universe. I want to start my own business.

2. The Eiffel agent hasn’t informed me about the next visa step.. or other arrangement.. sigh.. I think about it all the time.. This is June already… 2 more months to go!

3. I’ve been kicked out by my owner in Aug, yay! so, i don’t have to find any replacement (sorry, flatmates.. you need to find other place now..)

So, Singapore, I’ll stay here for 2.5 months again.. I need to enjoy as much as possible!

Here’s my list:

1. McRitchie reservoir.. canoing, padling.. anything else 

2. Dragon boat!

3. Punggol waterway

4. hmm.. anything else, anyone?

Anyway I’ll go to bangkok + Krabi next 2 weeks and Bintan in July.. Can’t wait!


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