I love NYX cosmetic brand!

It’s not as expensive as MAC, but it delivers good result with awesome swatches!

Unfortunately because NYX is very expensive in Indonesia (it’s like 3x USA price!) and 1.5x USA price in Singapore, I can’t buy every NYX I wanted.

I always ask people who went to USA to buy it for me (BF, friend, auntie).

This is the products I already have so far and my review:

1. NYX jumbo pencil (Purple) –> Awesome! It has that metallic effect on your eyes. The only difficulty is because it’s very hard to sharpen the pencil because the outer part made from plastic.

2. NYX blush on (mocha) –> I was seeking for a peach pinchy blush on for quite sometimes, and I found this perfect colour! I kept wearing it every day and now I already saw the bottom part (in only 4 months period)

3. NYX shadow cream (Aqua) –> somewhat very bright, so need to be careful not to use it too thick

4. matte lipstick (Milan and Tokyo) –> I like Milan color, but not very much with Tokyo because it’s too pale (my friend who bought it for me)

5. Smacking lip color (Tea Rose) –> I knew this color from ohsofickle.blogspot.com, and the color is very beautiful!

6. Triple eye shadow (Team spirit) –> They got perfectly the swatches I wanted! yellow, blue, and pink..

7. skinny eye marker (black) –> just tried them one (since it’s brand new), but i love it! it’s very practical and give the same result as eye pencil.

Done! I love them all.. my fav so far is my blush on.. and my less favorable one is the shadow cream because it’s too bright (My BF complained). But it’s so worth buying since they’re waaaayyy cheaper than MAC!

I wanted to buy more blush on and highlighter.. i wish someone is going to US again 🙂


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