business trip

When I’m still working at Kraft as supply chain, I used to feel very excited when my boss assigned me for business trip, because it’s happened rarely and I’m very happy when i can go overseas for free!

When I moved to marketing, the frequency of business trip become very higher, but it’s mostly domestic. I can even do the trip every week when we have events! Yeah, at that moment I felt like airport is my second home.. so tired.

So, when I moved to Google, I am happy because I don’t need to do business trip anymore.. At least not that frequent. I just went to India once, and after that.. nothing’s more. So, I prefer to go on holiday by my own expense, rather than company expense.. yet you need to work there, not a holiday.

But, things goes different with my boyfriend. Recently after being promoted, his business trip frequency spikes rapidly.. I think he almost flying every month. And that’s not an easy task for our relationship.. LDR is already very tough for us.. and now we need to deal with time differences, and sometimes lack of internet access.

Yes, as people mentioned, internet give higher chance for LDR to survived.

He’s in Paris now, and he couldn’t find any free internet. Oh, he find it already, but limited only an hour a day! Sigh.. And I need to deal with it.. It makes me missed him very dearly much.. That’s the reason why I wrote this post now.


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