railay beach

I just back from my Thai trip! Yihaaa..

Well, some things apparently didn’t go as expected.. since now Bangkok Platinum Mall is kinda pricey (I think the same as Indonesia) and Krabi was not as I expected. I prefer Phuket!

However, I have some tips for you guys:

1. If you have been to Phuket, I won’t suggest you to go to Krabi.. Krabi is quieter than Phuket, that’s the only reason people wanna come to Krabi. But the beach was very ugly, both Ao Nang and Railay (I read in the internet people was suggesting us to stay at Railay, that’s why I decided to stay for one night there). But west railay was just a good beach from faraway, and when we came closer, it was full of tree branches..

2. I stayed at Ao Nang Buri hotel and Sunrise Tropical Resort, both is very recommended, since I got a very good value from the price I paid (I came there in off-peak and weekdays).

3. Since Krabi is less quiet than Phuket, that means the transportation is more expensive as well, because not many people comes. I can get a 1,000 baht tour in Phuket (per person) for a big ferry boat, snorkling, and lunch at proper restaurant in Phi-Phi island. Yesterday I got a deal from Krabi Kingdom, because they’re the only one who offered kayaking for HONG island trip. I get 850 baht/ person, but trip by long tail boat and they bring the lunch for us.. means that they packed rice, vegetables, etc for us, and we ate at the beach (there’s some seats at the beach). You can compare now!

Me, jeff, mom and dad


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