Scholarship Hunt

My undergrad graduation day!

I am no expert to discuss this matter, but I will tell you my experience to get scholarship.. and the process you have to follow after that..

I started to interested to pursue master degree since I’m in my bachelor degree. I wanted to feel how.. studying overseas. Since then, I browsed all available scholarship.. but I’m still afraid to apply. First, because i need money to start applying.. because most scholarship would asked me to be admitted first in the respective’s country university.. And to get admitted, I have to send hard copy document to the university. It would cost me around Rp 200,000 – 400,000 (USD 25-45), and at that moment it’s quite big.

Then, I started working.. and start to encourage myself to break the barrier. I started to take TOEFL, as the first requirement.. trying to spank my butt to take GMAT, but i’m never willing to. Browsed all the scholarship in the world every night.. and trying my luck under my finger (online application) or through the envelopes..

List of scholarship I ever applied:

1. Huygens Scholarship (Netherland), they required fresh graduates from bachelor degree, which being top 5% in his/her class. But, some of my friend said it’s only given for people who wants to pursue M.Phil (Master of Philosophy). That’s why, I decided not to apply this one.

2. STUNED (Dutch), I have to get a letter from my employer, stated that I will be working there after I accomplished my study. Lots of private company won’t give us that privilege, although one of my friend work in BP (British Petroleum) and able to get that letter.

3. ENDEAVOUR (Australia), Actually Australian give large amount of scholarship quotas for Indonesian, around 300 students per year.. because both countries have good relationship and lots of Indonesian went to Australian college (mostly because it’s the nearest ‘western’ country from Indonesia, only 5-6 hours of direct flight). But…. the negative side is… you have HUGE competitors! I think the ratio would be 1:500.

4. CHEVENING (UK), I applied this scholarship online, right before X-Mas 2009, because they always open the application right before X-Mas. But, I never heard anything from them since then.

5. BGF (France), this scholarship used to require us to apply for program in French language. But, fortunately in 2011, they changed the rules. I got into the final round, I don’t know exactly why… but I think because I wrote the motivation letter from the heart.. I told them why I want to be educated, foremost because education open huge opportunities in front of me.. But, i didn’t passed the final round. I think because they want someone who will contribute more to “our country”, yet I’m studying business management and I can only contribute by being entrepreneur. I cried when I knew that I was rejected! I am very devastated and I ask God, why……..?

6. DAAD (Germany), sending documents to university plus a form to be admitted as DAAD scholars as well.. got reply by e-mail about 4 months after, that I am not suitable for the scholarship. Already give up… since I just started working in Google Singapore at that moment, so this e-mail didn’t bug me at all.

7. EIFFEL (France), I already trying to apply this scholarship since 2010, but I was told by Bordeaux University that I was late. Actually I was quite pissed, because they told me that after I got admitted into the university! Fortunately, I can use that letter to apply BGF scholarship. So, I tried again for the second year (2011), thanks to some advices from my friend to seek university in Rennes. Rennes is quite near to Paris, and I need a public university with low tuition, because this scholarship do not cover tuition. Actually I wanted to go to Grenoble business school, but I have to pay around EUR 15,000 – 18,000 for one year study! And I think applying for public university will help you to be selected, because it shows that you cannot afford the education (If you have money to go to private ecole, so why would they give you the scholarship?).

After getting rejection from DAAD, I didn’t expect to hear good news from Eiffel scholarship (I apply both in the same time). But, in March 2012, suddenly I got a very surprising e-mail from the person in charge in University of Rennes 1 (Where I got admitted to), Miss Odile Soulard.

She’s so nice from the beginning ’til now, helping me to get through with all the process.. I don’t know whether I can get this scholarship if I’m applying to other school (Since that bordeaux school didn’t help me much!).

And now, the next stage is to deal with France bureaucracy.. yeah, I just knew that not only Indonesian who has infamous bureaucracy.. Somewhat depressing, but eyes on the prize!! Bonjour, France!


2 thoughts on “Scholarship Hunt

  1. Congratulations on your admirable perseverance. You deserve success. Though it won’t be easy [good old Europe is mentally – and economically- off balance and retreated in it’s fortress ( or is it a lunatic asylum?) to keep the scary outside world out ;(] I’m sure France’s formidable bureaucracy will give in to your huge motivation :)..

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